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Amina Christy     

Thursday 11 Aug, 2016

Dear Friend

My name is Amina Christy and what youíre about to discover will change the way you think about your treating fibroids forever.

Here's just a few examples of the kind of results:


Pregnant In 3 Months After Taking
FibroidClear & Body Cleanse!!

I have been trying to conceive for 2 years with no success. My doctor told me that my fibroids so big they were stopping me from getting pregnant, and I would never have a child unless I had surgery.

I didn't like what he was saying, so I searched the internet for natural treatments for fibroids. I found FibroidClear and looked at all the testimonials, everything looked good so I ordered FibroidClear and the Body Cleanse Kit.

It arrived very quickly and I began to take it. Within 3 months of taking them, my period stopped, so I took a pregnancy test.

I WAS PREGNANT!!! I am so happy!!

My latest scan showed that the fibroid had shrunk to the size of an egg, and the pregnancy is going really well. I'm now taking AlkaGreens Plus to keep the fibroid small while I am pregnant.

I am recommending FibroidClear to all of my friends who have fibroids. I have a friend in Haiti who was supposed to have surgery in June, but I have paid for FibroidClear to be sent to her, so she can have the same results as me.

Thank you so much!

Roselande Monfiston, 35, Vero Beach, Florida




The Fibroids Pain Felt Like I Was Going To Die
But FibroidClear Gives Me Beautiful Periods Now!

I have 4cm fibroid at the bottom of my uterus which caused me a lot of pain.

Every my period started, I would have to stay in bed for 2 to 3 days: the pain was so bad, I thought I was going to die! No painkiller or drug could help me with that pain.

I also use to get a Urinary Tract Infection every month, and I couldn't even pee. There was one month where the pain and inflammation got so bad, I could not pee at all for days.

When I went to see my Naturopathic Doctor about my periods, he told me that the fibroids were the cause, and he recommended FibroidClear.

I have been taking it for 3 months and it's helped me a lot. I now have beautiful periods... no pain, no inflammation, no cramping.

Thank you so much.

Emma Rodrigues, San Diego, California




FibroidClear Helped Me Get Pregnant... After A Miscarriage and A Failed Myomectomy

May name is Eve Abbey and I am 37 years old. I live in Sheffield, England. I found out I had fibroids when I was trying to get pregnant and it was taking some time.

They found multiple large fibroids in an ultrasound, which the doctor said was preventing me from getting pregnant. I had a myomectomy in October 2007 to take them out, but I was bleeding so much during the surgery, they ended it quickly and left 2 smaller ones in my uterus.

I was in hospital for almost 3 weeks, and I had to spend 12 weeks at home recovering, due to complications. I got pregnant in February 2008, but at 20 weeks, I found I was bleeding and losing fluid. By the time I got to the hospital, I had had a miscarriage. They did a dilation and cuterage at the hospital. I went for a scan after the miscarriage, and they found that a new fibroid had grown, so I realized the fibroids might getting worse.

Thatís when I started with FibroidClear, as it was recommended by Shola Oslo, a UK kinesiologist. I must say, when I saw the price, I thought it wsa too expensive, but my husband insisted that I get it.

I ordered 2 bottles, and found that FibroidClear regulated my periods. They used to be very irregular before and my cycle would last as many as 32, 45, 52 days.

FibroidClear also helped reduce my period pain, and I was about to order some more, when I found I missed my period, I got bloated and my breasts were heavy. I was pregnant!

I confirmed the pregnancy with my GP. Itís great!

My husband always tells me life is more important than clothes and other material things, so if you need to spend some money to make yourself feel good, you should go for it. I am so glad I did!!!

Eve Abbey, Sheffield, UK




My Terrible Symptoms Were Gone After 1 Bottle And I Avoided A Hysterectomy

My name is Achille I am 39 years old. I noticed something was wrong with me when my periods used to be so heavy and my belly was so big - I looked 6 months pregnant and could not get rid of it, even though I went to the gym. I looked online to see what those symptoms meant, and I found out it could be fibroids.

My GP (General Practitioner) sent me for a scan, and they found 4 large fibroids in my uterus. No-one wanted to explain anything to me properly. All they told me was that I had 4 fibroids and I needed a hysterectomy.

It was not a good solution for me because I'm married and I want to have children. I was also so afraid of the surgery because a friend back home had died during her hysterectomy last December. I just ran away from the doctor and decided to find something else on my own.

That's when I came across your website. I was looking for a natural treatment for fibroids, and your website was very impressive. After listening to how other women shrunk their fibroids, I ordered.

I've been taking FibroidClear for 3 weeks now, and I found the results fantastic. For the first time in 2 years I had no pain during menstruation. I used to have to stay in bed for a week each month, because of the heavy bleeding, intense pain and lack of energy. But after taking FibroidClear I was active during my period, and spent no days in bed at all.

I'm really, really happy with FibroidClear and I would recommend it to anyone who would like to shrink fibroids. I feel like I have my life back, and I am no longer afraid, as I have FibroidClear in my bag at all times!

Achille Noireaux, Birmingham, UK




You see, Iím a herbalist and medical researcher who wants to share with you a list of herbs scientifically proven Ė by doctors, scientists and medical researchers Ė to reduce fibroids in size, and reduce the symptoms of fibroids rapidly.

Hereís what itís all about:

Itís common knowledge amongst medical professionals that the key cause of uterine fibroids is a hormonal imbalances. 

FACT: The National Cancer Institute found that Tamoxifen (the breast cancer drug) can used to shrink fibroids because of its antiestrogen effects.

BUT Tamoxifen's side effects include ancer of the uterus (womb), strokes, and blood clots in the lungs.

You can also shrink fibroids safely by taking herbs which reduce your estrogen levels naturally and completely without side effects.

Clinical studies indicate that fibroids are aggravated by an excess of estrogen in the body, and that f ibroids can be shrunk effectively simply by getting the estrogen levels back into balance.

While there are many drugs on the market that work on hormone levels, they all have side effects.  Some of these side effects are dangerous such as increased risk of ovarian cancer with Clomid and Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome.

Thankfully there are natural alternatives to these drugs.  Herbs that have been used for hundreds (and in some cases thousands) of years to help women with menstrual disorders such as heavy bleeding, painful periods, uterine cramping, and fibroids.

FACT: The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Queens Hospital reported that fibroids grew back rapidly after taking Clomiphene therapy. e.g. Clomid

Whatís more, modern research has confirmed that these herbs work, and double-blind clinical studies put the herbs through the strictest and most vigorous testing, and have also confirmed these herbs help you conceive faster.

Hereís just a few of these findings:

chaste treeChaste Tree suppresses the over-production of estrogen and is widely used to balance hormones and treat premenstrual symptoms. Many double-blind placebo-controlled studies have proven its effectiveness, for example, the Institute for Health Care and Science in Germany found that 52% of women taking this supplement experienced significant improvements in menstrual symptoms such as bloating, headaches and irritability.

Chaste Tree also reduces estrogen levels while elevating progesterone levels, and has strong anti inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal effects which helps the body to shrink fibroids.

red raspberryRed Raspberry is used to control excessive menstrual bleeding and strengthens and tones the uterine muscles. Red Raspberry is very helpful in supporting the body return the reproductive organs into balance. It's anti inflammatory and anti nausea effects makes Red Raspberry a powerful herb for menstrual problems.

Red Raspberry is a rich source of nutrients, including Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Potassium, Phosphorus, and Vitamins A, B, C and E. Also rich in tocopherols, carotenoids, and natural antioxidants, Numerous studies indicate that Red Raspberry helps to manage blood sugar levels, helping you keep your energy levels high throughout the month.

motherwortMotherwort is used world-wide for a range of menstrual and reproductive problems. It contains leonurine which relaxes the smooth muscles of the uterus, preventing cramping, and reducing menstrual pain.

Motherwort regulates menstruation, reduces cramping, balances hormones and reduces heavy bleeding, especially when mixed with Red Raspberry.

siberian ginsengSiberian Ginseng has been used for over 4,000 in Chinese Medicine years to combat anemia caused by heavy bleeding, and maintain the energy levels. Like Red Raspberry, Siberian Ginseng helps manage blood sugar levels, preventing energy slumps throughout the month.

Siberian Ginseng contains properties that support the adrenal glands, and enables the body to cope with physical and mental stress. It also reduces blood clotting, especially when mixed with Red Clover.

red cloverRed Clover's daidzein and genistein compounds in are recognized by The National Cancer Institute to have anti-tumor properties. It is also a well-known blood cleansing herb, and supports detoxification, and it helps the liver to detoxify excess estrogen - the main cause of fibroids.

Red Clover has antispamodic and sedative qualities, calming the uterus, adn its as its phytoestrogens (plant estrogens) help balance the body's natural estrogen levels and regulate the menstrual cycle.

Rich in nutrients, it helps to replenish the body after many months of heavy bleeding. Red Clover contains tocopheral (Vitamin E), protein, and salicylates and coumarins, which reduce blood clotting.

licorice rootLicorice Root is used to treat fluid retention, helping with bloating and weight gain during menstruation. The MjŲlbolsta Hospital found people taking Licorice over 8 weeks retained less water and normalized blood pressure levels.

Licorice Root is also used to calm the digestion, and when combined with Red Clover, supports the liver in breaking down excess estrogen.

burdock rootBurdock Root is another blood purifying herb, used to support the liver and detoxify excess estrogen and xenoestrogens.

It also has diuretic qualities, which help the body get rid of retained water, reducing bloating and swelling. Its anti-inflammatory properties also assist in shrinking fibroids in size.

Burdock Root is rich in Arctigenin, which inhibits the growth of tumors.

goldensealGoldenseal helps to keep the uterus free of inflammation and infection. It has been used for hundreds of years by Native Americans for skin problems. It is also used to maintain the health of mucus membranes - the tissue surrounding the internal genitals.

The berberine in Goldenseal is antibacterial and antiviral, which helps the body fight infection and strengthens the immune system, especially when combined with Echinacea.

echinaceaEchinacea has been used for over 400 years as a general cure-all. Recent studies sugest that Echinacea enchances the immune system, reduces inflammation and relieves pain.

For example, the Phytomedicine Journal reported a double-blind study in which subjects given Echinacea increased the functioning of the immune system by 120%. Additionally researchers in Germany found that large doses of echiacea healed wounds completely in just 7 days.

Echinacea has also been used to control benign growths and tumors such as fibroids.

If youíre serious about getting rid of fibroids quickly and want to do it the natural way Ė without drugs, surgery or side effects, I urge you to give these herbs a try.

And Now You Can Take Herbal Remedies The Easy Way

People with a lot of time on their hands can buy each herb separately and boil them up three times a day to create a potent mixture of herbs that will help them get pregnant in the fastest time possible.

Others steep their herbs in alcohol (this takes several days and can be a little messy if you donít know what youíre doing) and take the herbs every day in the form of tinctures.

Thatís great if you have the time, money, equipment and expertise to measure and process the herbs (thatís if you can find them all in the first place.)

Even though Iím a Master Herbalist, I run a very busy practice and donít have time to mix and process herbs for every single one of my clientsÖ I donít know about you!

Thatís why Iíve contacted a small manufacturer to find and process the herbal formula for me, so I can provide them to my clients in an easy and convenient to use format.

The trouble is, the manufacturer requires me to order them in bulk and since I donít have hundreds of clients with the same condition, I have a supply of the herbal formula left over, which I would like to share with you.

Weíve blended all the herbs into a formula that I call FibroidClear. This way, I can help my clients without wasting countless hours boiling up and mixing the herbs.

Itís also easier to take the herbs in capsule format, as the capsules donít have any taste and are easy to swallow, compared with the stinky and foul-testing herbs you have to boil up and drink in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Thereís only a limited supply, and as soon as the rest of the formula is gone, I wonít be ordering any more until my own personal stock runs out.

This means I canít promise FibroidClear will still be available if you decide to put off getting the herbs until later.

The price of the herbs are $67 for a one-month supply.  Itís an incredible opportunity to get all the herbs scientists have proven to increase your chances of conceiving.

But, as soon as the supply has been sold out, it might be months before youíre able to get the herbs again, so please consider this before putting off your purchase.

FibroidClear has also been approved by doctors:

Order FibroidClear Now

Hereís what some of my clients who have taken FibroidClear have to say about it:


FibroidClear Saved Me From Blood Transfusions And A Hysterectomy !

I am 45 yeas old, and I have a large fibroid in the center of my uterus. It has caused me a lot of problems, including heavy blood loss. I used to use 2 packs of sanitary pads in the first 2 days of my period.

The cramps were so painful. They were out of the ordinary, and the cramps lasted even after my cycle ended. I couldn't concentrate at work because of the dizziness and nausea caused by the heavy bleeding, and when I stood up, it felt like lumps were falling out of me.

The bleeding got so bad, when I went for a blood test, my doctor told me my iron had gone down to 6.5 and I would need immediate surgery.

The success rates of the myomectomy was not guaranteed, so if it didn't work, I would have to have a hysterectomy.

I was scared about the surgery, and my preacher and I prayed for an answer, and the Lord guided me to your website. I ordered FibroidClear and it took just 3 days to get to me.

After taking FibroidClear for a few days, I could feel the difference. My energy levels improved, the bleeding was much less and the cramping was much less.

My iron levels have shot up already and I believe the fibroid is starting to shrink. It has saved me from surgery, and it's a miracle sent by God.

I have recommended it to my sister, and she is taking it now. I just wish I had known about it earlier to save other women from surgery.

Rachel Arche, New York, New York



Order FibroidClear Now


An Affordable Way To Get Rid Of Fibroids

Last December my doctor found 5 small fibroids in my uterus, and said I needed to remove them to have a baby.

The trouble is, I'm self-employed without insurance and the costs of surgery are huge. I had to find another alternative way, and my cousin in London sent me Amina's herbal blend.

I've taken it for 4 months, and combined it with some massage techniques and last time I visited my doctor he couldn't find a trace of the fibroids! We're now trying for a baby, thanks to those wonderful herbs!

Natalie Bulock, Lansing, Michigan


Order FibroidClear Now


60% Shrinkage In 3 Months!

I've had 3 surgeries on fibroids over the years, and they keep on growing back. I was scheduled for a 4th and I just knew it would end up the same, so I took Amina's herbs to balance my hormones and after 3 months they have shrunk 60%.

The surgery is now canceled, my periods are now much lighter and I feel like I have finally found a workable solution.

Felicity Worstead, Guilford UK


Order FibroidClear Now


I No Longer Look Pregnant

Huge fibroids are a nuisance. I had one that made me look like I was 5 months pregnant. I'm a size 8 and I look out of proportion with this bulge. Not only that, but I'm spotting in between periods, and when I do get a period, it's like Niagra Falls!

I've only been taking the herbs for 6 weeks, but the spotting is gone and my last period was much more bearable. My "bulge" is a little smaller, and people keep asking me whether I have lost weight.

Keep up the good work!

Jenny Nbele, Dorchester UK


Order FibroidClear Now


My Sex Life Is Much Improved

Recently I've had a lot of pain during sex, and I had an ultrasound which showed two VERY LARGE fibroids. That explains why I felt bloated and a constant dull ache in my pelvic region.

The FibroidClear supplements have really helped me a lot. Sex is now enjoyable again and my partner and I are closer than ever. The pain and bloating has also gone too.

I will let you know what happens at my next ultrasound.

Eva Garcia, Madrid, Spain



So, Are You Ready To Get Rid Of Your Fibroids Now?

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I wish you the very best in your healing journey.

To your success,

Amina Christy

Amina Christy
Master Herbalist
Medical Researcher

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